Picture of 2020

Picture of 2020

It would be irresponsible of me as a blogger and amateur historian, after all that’s what this website is all about, not to point out that this is a year to mark in the history books! (Or ebooks or what ever they’ll be using in 50 years time..)

The year 2020 when there was a worldwide shortage of toilet paper in the shops! Apparently there’s plenty in the warehouses they just can’t get it to the shops in time due to uncharacteristic demand. I can’t mention the cause of the problem aka a similar  thing that probably killed the Martians in the 1897 book by HG Wells – ‘War of the Worlds’ due to self censorship. (At the time of this post) This is to prevent the spread of uneducated aka not a medical scientist working on this problem but my opinion, that may be construed or masquerading as fact.

In one way it’s nice to see that the world has become a different place from the last 100 years but a little sad too. (Use your brains folks.)

I have nothing to say this week to add to the global real and/or fake news archives, just to say that you heard it from a friend of a friend, of a friend that works in a health related industry.

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