19 March 2000

Update 19/03/2000 Pt.2 : Yeap, I had a bad day. Anyway I had to post a few other things. Check out my latest creation. Believe it or not the Suzuki Across Also more Specs and performance data its after the specification table. Some telling figures show why other bikes struggle to keep up. Also check out the new Comparisons page for comparisons to a range of other bikes.

Update 19/03/2000 : Pt 1 Yes, I loved watching Dynasty. It makes a lasting impression when you where in your sub – 10’s. What till you you hear the different ones I’ll be putting up. These Midi’s can be found on various internet sites. I haven’t kept track of which site their from. But I’ll keep track from now on.

The AVONs are going fine although as suspected the wear rate is quite disturbing. I have been riding harder than usual so that should be expected. I don’t think they’ll last 3000kms.

I’m still not sure whether the instrument panel was clouded over with moisture, but since taken it out in the lovely sun these days it hasn’t re-appeared. – I’ll have to watch out for it. Mind you it has been really wet here. I mean most of the places around here are flooded, including the main road out of the NT (Stuart Highway) was cut in several places by flooding.

At last I’ve ordered a GIVI rack for my Hayabusa. It’s only the top rack but it’s better than nothing. I just hope the rack doesn’t spoil the looks. Anyway you be the first to see a total waste of cash on a Hayabusa Multimedia center. Hey, I like listening to a few tune’s when cruising around.

And to those especially young ladies who think smoking and driving and throwing butts out windows better think again. It’s not cool, it’s inconsiderate, stupid and dangerous to other road users. You’ll only lose whatever looks you have left and have bad breath. Something which suits the toilet deodorant-esque perfume seem to like so much.

Which leads to those ridiculous Bad Girl stickers, oh grow up. It’s not attitude it’s pathetic. What it should read is Stupid girl. Which leads to to another pet hate. What’s wrong with being original or just plain considerate these days. And Bad Boy stickers ? Stop watching Michael Jackson videos before you go blind.

‘No Fear’ merchandise. The only time I can imagine where it’s appropriate is if you’re driving a Datsun 120Y or a scooter – now that’s dangerous. Unfortunately most who where the stuff have never even contemplated anything vaguely dangerous. The only vaguely ‘No Fear’ is your fashion sense which is lifted directly from the latest American rapper music video – which everyone already knows even the Americans have enough sense to not go around dressed like that. What it should read is No Fear No Brain.
Well, that’s my argo for the week bye.

12 March 2000

Update 12/03/2000 : As you can see I’ve managed to complete more of the new look pages. The decision is stick with relatively simple coding was difficult as I had already prepared a site using lots of Javascript and graphics. However it would mean that many browsers could not see the pages. Defeating the purpose of the site so I’ve decided that any new pages will use the latest coding whilst I’ll keep this site looking the way it is. Content is better than just a nice look isn’t it ?

Anyway, back to the Hayabusa. This week is finally sunny after 2 weeks of storms and I’ve managed to use the Hayabusa a bit more, unfortunately I developed a minor flu ! The first thing I noticed about the Hayabusa after the rain was the instrument panel, I think it had some moisture in it ! It didn’t appear or long as I was riding the bike at the time. Admittedly I did have the cover over it during the rain and didn’t take it off for days ! So more on that later.

I’ve been using only the lower gears lately, as I think I’m getting used to the ‘low’ rpm smoothness. Keeping it in 3rd certainly makes the ride more exciting ! The AVONs have again proved to be a very stable and sticky tyre. The lean angles I’m using are much further than I can remember doing using the other 2 tyres.