27 February 2000

Update 27/02/2000 : Not much happened this week. I’ts been raining for most of it. When I did venture out, the roads where quite wet, hence not much fun, even worse the roads have deteriorated noticeable. There are now huge pot holes and gravel thrown up every where. The bike is now filthy, no point cleaning it as I’ve got to use it again next week. The Northern Territory, Darwin in particular is in the middle of a monsoon trough so it’s rain and more rain.

The AVONs seem to work very well in the wet. The rear feels very tied down. Again I am definitely leaning much further even in the wet than I can remember with the other tyres. They seem to be wearing quite well. Hopefully next week I’ll have more news and the re-design of the main pages completed. This year I’ll be including heaps more stuff on other motorcycles. Feel free to Email with suggestions on what bike I need to research on. See the Specifications and performance page for more Hayabusa details. Even more over the next few weeks.

20 February 2000

Update 20/02/2000 : News this week : The Hayabusa has definitely freed up noticeable over the last few rides. Definitely more willing to rev than previously. Anyway, a few new links that are genuinely interesting. The Hayabusa being compared with a vintage bike and modified Hayabusa being compared. Hayabusa vs. Vincent HRD Black Shadow and Comparison between racing Hayabusas.

The AZAROs are performing really well. They are definitely gripper and more stable then the BT56S. Steep leaning angles come naturally. I now feel that the center stand is in danger of scraping. These tyre are definitely the best ones I’ve fitted ever. I don’t think these tyres will square off any time soon ! I can definitely recommend these tyres, although I don’t know how they would handle heavy handed riding ?? Stay tuned.

The finish on the Hayabusa is standing up to the relatively harsh climate pretty well. No signs of rust or paint flaking on any part of the bike. Fairing is still shiny and all rubber bits still black !