21 November 1999

Update 21/11/1999 : I think I’ve just joined the Suzuki Cycle Web-ring but I’m not sure just yet.  I’ve also included your starsign’s lucky number !  These seem to differ dependent on where you did your research.   I still haven’t finished the Anime pages as I’m still trying to finish watching the videos !  I’ve managed to strain a lower back muscle somehow and I haven’t been riding for the past few days.   I can’t even stand properly or walk straight !

My Hayabusa will have its center stand installed with the recall stuff this Tuesday.  I would have done it myself but they will have to take of the fairing anyway, and besides it too …. hot.  Sure I’ll be under the house but the humidity will have me drenched by the time I walk down the stairs.  It is that bad at the moment !

While I’m in a incapicated state, I thought I might explain the comparsions I often put up on the site with tthe Hayabusa and the CBR600.

I admit that comparing the 2 is not really approprite as they are 2 different type of bikes built for different purposes.   Thus, these sort of comparisions are rarely if ever done by main publications for that reason. Comparing the 2 is interesting reading anyway.  There are many readers who are considering Hayabusa, but want to know what it’s like before they buy and want a comparison to smaller capacity machines which they may currently have.

And If you really must know the standard CBR600 does handle much better the the standard Hayabusa when the roads are curvy and going is quick.  The CBR rider certainly won’t be able to lose the Hayabusa but its a win to the CBR nonethless.  But for general road riding both are pretty much the same bar the precisce handling characteristics of the CBR600 vs the sheer accleration of the Hayabusa.    In traffic a Hayabusa rider vs a CBR600 going for it, the Busa rider  is going to win any sort of comparison purely because of the emormous straight line speed.   My preference, is the Hayabusa for many reasons other than the performance.

RECALL stuff : The parts are finally here !  I’ve been booked in for Tuesday so next week.  So next Sunday you’ll be able to read of my Hayabusa impressions after the recall.

14 November 1999

Update 14/11/1999 : Site updates include : I’ve purged the site of frames as it was giving me headaches.  I was updating content and when it came time to same the things I would inadvertently save the wrong one losing all the stuff I just typed !  I’ve been really busy with the Anime pages, which are almost ready.   AND Yes I have bought a centre stand !!  No more burns and oversprays !  I’ll give you some updates and details next week hopefully.

RECALL stuff : I have received my letter informing me of the recall to replace the tensioner or rather the tensioner bracket, judging from the pictures I saw.  The Fuel Pump Insulator and Fuel Tap replacement on my bike as well, estimate time on the letter said 2.0 hours.  The parts will hopefully arrive this week some itme.  So it looks like huge site updates to be done by the end of November !

This week more on comfort.  I’ve been taking the Hayabusa on general cruises rather than commuting.  It really hot and humid.   The heat coming from the right fairing is irritating when its this hot especially when stopped for an extended period of time.  Other than that, comfort wise its perfect.  Not too far leant forward and the seat is nice and soft !  There’s plenty of room to move.  If I sound tired, its because I am, its not easy living in this sort of heat at this time of the year and it seems to be getting worse every year…I have to wait for respite in April !!

High temperatures have a well known power sapping influence on engines.  And at this time of the year its easy to detect.  In high heat/humidity the Hayabusa doesn’t seem as effected as the CBR600.  (There is definitely a couple missing horsies that bike !)   However I have noticed that the Hayabusa is missing that zing in acceleration especially in the afternoons, rather I feel more torque from the engine.  The difference is quite obvious when I go for a ride at night or after its been raining where I feel that zing again.  Maybe its just me ???

I have confirmation that a CBR600 requires revs between 7000 – 10000rpm in almost all gears to keep up with the Hayabusa under normal traffic conditions.  The Hayabusa rider will be changing gears below 5000rpm.