14 November 1999

Update 14/11/1999 : Site updates include : I’ve purged the site of frames as it was giving me headaches.  I was updating content and when it came time to same the things I would inadvertently save the wrong one losing all the stuff I just typed !  I’ve been really busy with the Anime pages, which are almost ready.   AND Yes I have bought a centre stand !!  No more burns and oversprays !  I’ll give you some updates and details next week hopefully.

RECALL stuff : I have received my letter informing me of the recall to replace the tensioner or rather the tensioner bracket, judging from the pictures I saw.  The Fuel Pump Insulator and Fuel Tap replacement on my bike as well, estimate time on the letter said 2.0 hours.  The parts will hopefully arrive this week some itme.  So it looks like huge site updates to be done by the end of November !

This week more on comfort.  I’ve been taking the Hayabusa on general cruises rather than commuting.  It really hot and humid.   The heat coming from the right fairing is irritating when its this hot especially when stopped for an extended period of time.  Other than that, comfort wise its perfect.  Not too far leant forward and the seat is nice and soft !  There’s plenty of room to move.  If I sound tired, its because I am, its not easy living in this sort of heat at this time of the year and it seems to be getting worse every year…I have to wait for respite in April !!

High temperatures have a well known power sapping influence on engines.  And at this time of the year its easy to detect.  In high heat/humidity the Hayabusa doesn’t seem as effected as the CBR600.  (There is definitely a couple missing horsies that bike !)   However I have noticed that the Hayabusa is missing that zing in acceleration especially in the afternoons, rather I feel more torque from the engine.  The difference is quite obvious when I go for a ride at night or after its been raining where I feel that zing again.  Maybe its just me ???

I have confirmation that a CBR600 requires revs between 7000 – 10000rpm in almost all gears to keep up with the Hayabusa under normal traffic conditions.  The Hayabusa rider will be changing gears below 5000rpm.

7 November 1999

Update 07/11/1999 : Site updates include : Some more reviews on the Anime/motorcycles page Motorcycles and Anime/Manga, new links, revisions in the horoscope page and some tiding up here and there.  I’ve tried specifying a secondary font for the page for those with Macs so I hope it works !  I’m getting ready for the Christmas and Y2K updates including the new screen saver!  I will also have a special graphic for visitors and those who have emailed me though out the year!

More riding impressions : I’ve traveled over 9000kms on the Hayabusa with no problems in 5 months of ownership, I love still love the bike.  It still draws looks and I haven’t damaged it yet…  Admitted last night I had a pretty close shave and had to put my foot down whilst losing grip on an oil patch during a corner.  And don’t follow a slower bike unless you have to, its frustrating changing gears at 3000rpm, when they’re zooming at an exciting 10,000rpm.  Admitted it gives you time to practice clutchless changes ! (The rpm readings are only estimates for obvious reasons.)

I rarely rev it past 6000rpm in any gear.  It’s my major form of transport and I certainly can’t afford to get new tyres that last any less than 5000kms and maintenance it may require for the possible wear and tear associated with high mileage hard ridden bike.  Yes, it’s almost due for a new rear tyre AGAIN ! Regardless 6000rpm is more than adequate in trashing the traffic anyway.  Maybe next year when I move into town the Hayabusa will be less of a commuter and more as a ‘recreational vehicle !’.  I can even do track days knowing that if I waste the tyres I can still get to work!

As a commuter the Hayabusa is not a cheapest thing on the planet to run but then I don’t think the design specification of the world fastest bike included commuting to the local shops for toilet paper and milk!

RECALL NEWS : I have spoken to the various people at the dealer and Suzuki, and I heard that the original tensioner that sparked the recall was a race bike.  The bike had done about 15,000 very hard miles before it went.  It seems that the tensioner has the same problem as that experienced with the GSX-Rs.  Whoever manufactures the tensioner is probably in big trouble by now ! I haven’t taken mine in yet still waiting for the official letter.

Did you know that as much as I love the Hayabusa’s power, I still feel the need to get a sports type bike.  Not one that your can’t use its maximum power on the road but one you can rev the guts out of it.  Strange isn’t it. I’m thinking of a 400 or older 500 bike.  I remember the way that the GSX-R talks back to you, it is the first bike I had that had an attitude !  Just the way it seemed to say after you’ve done a corner in what you thought, was in a pretty stylish manner it says ‘ what ? you call that a good corner ?’ or ‘is that all you can do ?’   Anyway, just passing thoughts.

I then take a reality check when I take the Hayabusa for a spin, it doesn’t have a attribute like the GSX-R. I think the personality of the Hayabusa is more the patient, strong silent type ? taking the slack but ready to whack you one if you’re silly.  ( I’m an Sagittarian after all ! – See what I mean )  Feel free to disagree !