Price of petrol August 2018

priceofpetrolThe price of petrol I paid during August 2018 averaged $1.40 per litre for 91 Octane unleaded petrol add up to 15 cents more for 95 Octane petrol and usually up to 25 cents for 98 Octane petrol, location is Melbourne Australia. Prices have dripped significantly which is not surprising but welcome.

The last time I looked diesel was price $1.54 per litre.

Note that fuel prices vary according to area, the level of competition and a whole heap of other factors like shopping discounts and so forth, however unreasonable high prices (relative to crude oil prices) is greed. Also note that the Octane level I post here represents Australian measurement which is different from those in other countries eg. US.

Life in Australia – Coffee and Food Court

Welcome to Part 4 of my Australian weekly wage series. I’m thinking of renaming this series how to survive in Australia on the average weekly wage. This week I’m detailing the costs of having a simple lunch and coffee break in Australia. In this scenario is the local shop’s food court for a catch up.

If you checked out my prior posts on the finances of living in Australia you may want to know how much other things cost. Shopping for food as detailed last week usually means going to the shops and once there it’s a place where I catch up with friends.

Coffee and cake is something I enjoy but is nothing special at this location, the price approximates:
Coffee take-away or in a cup medium size – Up to $4.50
Cake – Banana or other – Up to $4.50

Lunch was a visit the food court’s Chinese shop whilst friends decided that McDonald’s was the choice.
The cost of Chinese takeaway was approx $12.
Additional drinks cost $4-5 for any soft drink.
McDonald’s Big Mac Meal deal was Approx $10 for the regular size.
Any other take away choice will cost about the same amount of money.

In summary the cafe and food court meal cost approx $20 and were not special in terms of taste or location.¬† To be completely honest it wasn’t a cheap outing relative to the cost of other things.