Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa

Not all the tech features of the 3rd Generation Suzuki Hayabusa (2021-) are about traditional high performance engine, braking and handling. There are other new technological features many riders would appreciate in everyday rides. The fact that you can adjust the settings and save them is some no other motorcycle in class can do.

Practical tech features include:

Emergency brake lighting – just like on better cars where the brake lights flash when you are braking hard.

Hill Hold braking – Just like on more expensive cars, where if you stop on an incline you can activate the hill hold for up to 30 secs. Handy for those who are shorter or those who have trouble coordinating between clutch, accelerator and brakes. OMG you are riding a Hayabusa – folks you should be able to co-ordinate by now.

Low RPM assist system has also been included in the Hayabusa as per other Suzuki motorcycles. The Low RPM assist function automatically increases engine RPM at low revs to technically makes gear changes hence riding smoother regardless if you are an un-coordinated rider, ham fisted or weak wristed or not concentrating.

Slope dependent control system braking – not sure how this works but it’s supposed to prevent locking up – but isn’t that what ABS is for? I presume it’s smarter than you’re average ABS system on a motorcycle…

Active Speed limiter – The Suzuki Hayabusa has been top speed limited for over a nearly 2 decades. Essentially to stop the top speed wars between the manufacturers and idiots of course. However this tech implementation is to prevent you from getting speeding tickets. Set a top speed for your ride and it technically won’t allow you to go any faster. Very handy for speed inclined or those with no points left on their license. Mind you the flaw is that if the speed zone changes then you could be in trouble.

Cruise control – This is a feature the Suzuki Hayabusa was crying out for and this model has a more advanced integrated cruise control system. Your wrists get tired and your hands do go numb despite the smoothness of the Hayabusa’s engine. It’s active between 2000-7000 RPM which makes it usable.

New Standard J-Spec tyres for the 3rd Gen Suzuki Hayabusa – I remember all too well the lack of tyre availability when the original Hayabusa was released. The old BT56 J Spec where different to the regular one and none of the other manufacturers made a similar version – if you haven’t worked that out by now! and the new Hayabusa gets the latest Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22. Note that the original Hayabusa had the most powerful engine in the class and a different compound was needed at the time.

Quick Shifter – Otherwise known as shifting gears without the clutch. I often shift  without the clutch on the up changes. Not that the Hayabusa’s gear shift and clutch was overly heavy but because it smoother as there is no clutch point to negotiate. I never shifted on the down because I just can’t bring my self to do it! The 3rd Gen Hayabusa now been designed for cutch-less shifting up and down the gears.

Summary: I would honestly appreciate all these features and not just on the Hayabusa but any sort of motorcycle!

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