priceofpetrolNow that I’ve finished posting all the old petrol prices… I have to explain that I haven’t been regularly posting the price I paid over the last 12 months due to the lack of any meaningful travel. Clearly caused by the on going health related lock down restrictions.

The price of petrol I paid during June/July 2021 was best described as a mountain. Most of the period prices started under $1.40 but the last week of June and 1st week of July I saw the price top out 1.76 cents per litre. Strange that the press did not cover the HUGE price rise of about 40 cents from the prior week. Maybe school holidays had some to do with the ‘unexpected’ price rise. Add 15-20 cents more for 95 Octane petrol and at least 25 cents for 98 Octane petrol, location is Melbourne Australia.

Note that diesel was priced at $1.48 the last time I looked.

Note that fuel prices vary according to area, the level of competition and a whole heap of other factors like shopping discounts and so forth, however unreasonable high prices (relative to crude oil prices) is greed. Also note that the Octane level I post here represents Australian measurement which is different from those in other countries eg. US.

Apart from the actual prices I paid at the servo the websites I use to research the crude oil pricing are:

Australian Institute of Petroleum (Note that they AIP represents the oil companies.)
Index Mundi  (Seems independent)

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