Suzuki GSX-8S

Suzuki GSX-8S
Suzuki GSX-8S

A new Suzuki appeared on my news feed last year – just like the S2 Del Mar! Welcome to my showroom review and specification of the Suzuki GSX-8S. It’s a new slanted parallel twin engine,  bikini faired model due for release in mid-2023. 

In terms of design The GSX-8S is a quarter faired or bikini fairing or what you can call a fancy wind deflector. I guess it’s to show off the angled cylinder block which allows for a sleeker and lower profile. Overall it looks good but not a design that we haven’t seen before. Reminds me of any number of KTMs. That said the 180 wide rear tyre is arguable the best visual element for the GSX-8S, giving a bit more cred in the class which often comes with the noticeably thinner 160 or less. The alloy rear end is a nice touch as it elevates the model grade even though it has a steel frame underneath. 

Technically the Suzuki GSX-8S is a bit of a surprise. That is because Suzuki are not known for this sort of engine layout, as a parallel twin and a new one. I’m sure there will be other variants using the same or a downsized engine over the next few years. The GSX-8S comes with plenty of tech as standard including the colour instrument panel, LED lighting, power modes, quick shifter, ABS, Traction control and even keyless starting. 

Who is the Suzuki GSX-8S for? I’ll start by noting that 2023 has seen large price increases for everything. That includes motorcycles and the GSX-8S is subject to the same trend. At it’s introductory price the GSX-8S will probably be a hard sell to anyone but then again all other manufacturers will have the same problem with similar spec’d motorcycles. 

Suzuki GSX-8S Key Specifications (2023)
Engine:   2 cylinder 4-stroke 4V DOHC
Capacity:  776cc
Power/Torque:  Approx 61 Kw @ 8500 RPM 78 Nm @ 6800 RPM
Gearbox:   6 Speed
Kerb Weight:  185kg
Performance:  0-100kph N/A seconds Approx
Max Speed N/A Kph Approx 
Fuel Economy:   14 litre fuel tank
Approx xx litres per 100km
Seat height:  810mm
Dimensions: L2115 X W775 X H1105 mm
Wheels: 120-70-17F  180-55-17R
 Recommended Retail Price:  Est $14,0000 AUD (2023)