Suzuki GSX-R 1000 SE

2013_gsxr1000seYou’ve probably heard or read it all by now – and yes they’ve release the latest and very limited edition GSX-R 1000 SE.  The Special Edition GSXR-1000 Suzuki has colour highlights that are ‘electric blue’ in my description but probably closer to what they describe as anodized blue. There will only be 100 units produced worldwide and the special edition is to celebrate Suzuki’s 50th Anniversary year for the US that is.

Sure you’ve seen the 1 millionth Suzuki GSX-R1000 but they produced 1985 units of that one! It was clothed in the official Suzuki racing colours with a red ram air surrounds but I think this SE version is a bit more flashy because it’s more custom than mass production. The only improvement I can think off is that they should have changed the very square mufflers…

There are no reported performance enhancements since the current GSX-R 1000 is one of the best 1000cc super sport motorcycles you can buy and besides they need to save up the tech for the next version due out within 18 months.