Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R Dyno charts – page 6

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in dyno charts whether used here or not for taking to the time to scan and send ! You have made the world a better place.

Why get a you bike dyno’ed? It simply confirms that you indeed have one of the most power bikes on the planet and or your modifications have improved the engine’ performance. The dyno machine is basically a set of rollers that you ride your bike on and the computers do the measuring. Quite simple and just nice to know.

Almost forgot to mention that measuring the engines performance by a dyno is usually done via a ‘at the rear wheel’ measurement rather than at the ‘crank’ or ‘crank shaft’ measurement – for obvious reasons.

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K Klien has sent in the Dyno chart for his ’02 Suzuki Hayabusa. He has done some serious mods to get about 220bhp at the rear wheel so you can safely assume that that actual output would be lets say very impressive! For those wanting to extract the same power I have included a list of some of the mods that where done after the chart. – Thank you for sending it in!

Spencer Cycles adjustable dog bones
Schnitz Racing adjustable rear pro link
Lindeman front springs
Harris Rear set
Brembo remote resevoirs
Spiegler SS brake lines
AP Racing 6-pot front brake calipers
AP Racing +size full floating front rotors
SBS brake pads
FBG Tether Kill switch
Hyperpro RSC top mount steering damper
Machine Pro top triple tree
AIM sport MXL data logger and display
Yoshimura EMS box
1k aux cooling fan mod
Honda Accord cooling fan switch mod
Dual battery mod
NLR Fuel tank plate
Earls braided AN fuel lines and fittings
Big CC Racing fuel rail
Aeromotive Fuel filter
Walbro fuel pump
Magnaflow fuel Reg.
BMC air filter
Large box mod
short stacks
Carpenter Racing CNC ported head & Large valve
JE pistons
Cosworth H-beam Rods
Honda bearings
TTS Crank
Lee Shierts oil windage tray
RPM Racing Oil baffle
Cometic gaskets
R&D backcut trans
BDE Ultra-light billlet clutch mod
Kicktand Racing clutch guard
Stedman front sprockets
Sprocket specialties rear sprockets
EK ZZZ chain
P.A.I.R. mod and BDE block-off plates
Akrapovic Ti Race exhaust system
Innovate wide band O2 sensor

Alt mods for racing:
Catalyst CF heavy hitter seat
Zukinot progressive N2O controler
NOS dry shot
Pro-bolt Ti bolts, nuts, and Al nuts
Schintz Racing mirror block off plates
Anyone else with charts ? – Pls email them to me