Price of Fuel April 2015

The average price of fuel I paid during April was $1.29 – 1.37 per litre for 91 Octane unleaded add 10 cents for 95 Octane and at least 15 cents for 98 Octane. This is despite the barrel price hovering around $50 the Australian price of petrol is quite high. Yes – even considering that the Australia dollar was hovering around 78 cents to the US dollar whilst the oil price was dropping.

Diesel was priced around the $1.31 per litre.

Note that fuel prices vary according to area and the level of competition. These are capital city prices.




New project – Price of fuel

Over this Easter I was thinking about how to complete the transfer of older posts from the other websites to this one (It has been a few years). I’ve been using this BLOG for not just motorcycle posts but other topics that interest me so I guess this is where it should all come?

Today I can announce that my historical ‘Price of petrol’ in Australia posts most will be transferred to this site over the next few weeks. There are plenty of seemingly official industry sources and organisations such as the Australian Institute of Petroleum but they represent oil companies and not the public. No hidden agenda to post my costs, just personal interest to record fuel prices and probably to complain about them. After all if I have to search around for the best fuel price to fill up I might as well tell you all about it too. Also the posts will go under a different name ‘the price of fuel’ since it will probably list diesel and even natural gas prices – if I don’t forget to look.

The list below is the ‘price of petrol’ history from 2008 to 2011 from one of my old websites, which I recorded my average fuel cost over each month. I’ll being posting the 2012 to current year to date as I go over old receipts.

Note that the price list is for 91 Octane unleaded without any claimed additives eg. ethanol or cleaners.

2008 February $1.47
2008 March $1.40
2008 May $1.46
2008 November $1.69
2008 December $1.09
2009 February $1.18
2009 March $1.18
2009 April $1.16
2009 May $1.18
2009 June $1.36
2009 July $1.20
2009 August $1.29
2009 September $1.26
2009 November $1.14
2009 December $1.17
2010 January $1.27
2010 February $1.19
2010 March $1.29
2010 April $1.36
2010 May $1.26 – 1.37
2010 June $1.28
2010 August $1.21
2010 September $1.19
2010 October $1.20
2010 December $1.25
2011 January $1.32
2011 February $1.35
2011 March $1.40
2011 April $1.45
2011 May $1.38
2011 June $1.32
2011 July $1.46
2011 August $1.42
2011 September $1.45
2011 December $1.46