26 November 2000

Update of 26/11/2000 I had a great holiday in New Zealand. The country is full of corners and great roads. However I don’t think it’s Hayabusa territory. Only because the best roads are really tight. A 600cc – 250cc would be pure joy. I also noticed that there where few new bikes. Large capacity bikes where even less noticeable. Lots of 250s though, but they where late 80s rather than 90s models. Of the new bikes I saw they where mainly 125cc ! Half faired Suzuki’s ! Maybe I was there in the wrong season ? You Kiwi’s have truly one of of most entertaining countryside in the universe. (Pity I was in a car. 20’c is equivalent to -20C for me I would have frozen to the bike) Anyway, the best price I saw for a new Hayabusa was $24,990 NZ dollars.

Whilst on the way back home I stopped by the Sydney Motor show. Lots of new and very desirable machinery. One thing that did disappointed me was the Nissan orchestration of the 200SX or Silva release in Australia. Why hide it and make ‘mysterious’. Whilst in NZ I had already seen heaps of them including the ‘special’ Spec R versions. It’s been around for 2 years overseas, so its not exactly new. Put me off it really… The other bike that grabbed my attention was the new CBR600. It looks great, very modern and very sporty in a classic sort of way.

As for my bike I came back to sightly flat battery. As in it wouldn’t crank fully over so needed a small push. The recall work has been done and hopefully will need no more attention whilst under my ownership. It seems to be a but rougher than usual when cold but smoothed out nicely when warm. More on the ride opinion as the weeks go by. Lots of mail and info to reply and follow up so only really juicy stuff posted ASAP. Also a Hayabusa scale model available, see the accessories page for further details.

New survey form is now available and an Other Problems page more Enhancements you can try and lots of various data updates. The site is getting to point where info on related stuff is literally everywhere so I be consolidating heaps of stuff and a better index over the next few months. See the News page for a speeding ticket for doing 304kph. Also check out the news page for more stuff regarding the Sub-Frame issue including a letter Suzuki UK sent to to owners.

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