The Volkswagen petrol engine Cheat Codes

As predicted other engines made by VW are being investigated for cheating software on gas or petrol powered cars. as well as diesels . The focus is on CO2 emissions rather than the more deadly nitrogen oxide emission cheat. CO2 is slowly killing the planet as there are less trees every year to convert it to oxygen and obviously leading to climate change. Apparently the engine in question is the petrol 1.4 super charged and turbo charged engine in question – a former engine of the year too I believe…

If these other manufacturers have to abide by the rules than so should VW. In response to the CO2 revelations, the VW PR machine have implicated other manufacturers into the scandal and also blaming their processes.  They even have supposedly gotten the government in Europe somewhere apparently to say that the emissions are too strict – even as the Fog the kills returns to London. This tactic is typical VW PR or marketing 101 where any announcement is vague. Nonetheless it also points out the problem we have with measuring fuel consumption for instance. VW seem arrogant enough to think they have superior tech and knowledge to government labs which may be true but again its marketing 101. I guess they assume they have government on side. Just remember that their deception was uncovered by barely funded rookies and all sounds like a movie plot.

In the end though there are huge financial implications to all parties involved and as a result VW will inevitably survive until the next scandal.

The Volkswagen diesel engine Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes in computer games are initially hard to find but ease to use. There where designed as part of the program (application) from a very easily stage for development and testing reasons.  I remember back in the 2000’s using them in the old SimCity PC computer games to get ahead. Enter the use of cheat codes in the automotive world…

In the real world Volkswagen (VW) has been caught using cheat codes on their cars computers ‘s meet US pollution/emissions requirements for their diesel engines. Since VW also makes Audi, Skoda and Seat that use the same engines they are all effected by the same cheat. Using cheat codes in this context essentially means that the company does not have the technology to develop genuine clean engine tech. Since VW does promote its diesels as the best in the world, you can logically assume that you can no longer trust their PR and marketing spin (literally) on any technological promotion. Being found out like this is bad news for the brand’s image and financial standing. We should have read the signs when VW where caught using noise boxes to make their cars sound better. Which we find the sound more annoying than appealing. Watch out BMW…

VW where found out by the a nonprofit council initiated the tests in 2013 and referred the results to the authorities but in typical VW fashion sent continual denials to the various authorities until the EPA agency said that no vehicles will be sold in the US until they came clean (LOL), DSG gearbox with that anyone? Not surpassingly VW finally owned up.

Going slightly off topic, we all know that claim fuel use is not an accurate representation of real world use so you can assume there is some leeway in the measurement but as you can read in the article, a reputable source the results where way out. In fuel terms it’s like  saying you’re engine uses 5 litres per hundred kilometres but in the real world it’s 200 litres per hundred kilometres. Another side note and a great save is how Suzuki had finally extracted its self from a flawed agreement with VW over the said diesel engines. After all with Suzuki’s engineers pouring over VW specification they would have found the cheat codes pretty quickly?

VW’s did make good and reliable cars based on experience however when there is a problem like most car companies they start to hide behind walls of denials, so their behaviour in this regard is no different. (Since the trust is broken what other things have they been dishonest about. However this emissions cheat goes to the core of  any VW branded car in particular Audi which charge a premium for supposedly better tech.) The body and interiors may be well put together but underneath it all it’s no better than a car made generations ago and hence contributing to the destruction of the planet and health problems.  You can understand how they managed to spend extra on the interiors – by skipping on real technology.

Unfortunately VW can no longer be trusted, have any green or eco friendly credentials at all – which is the main issue.  Sure the cheat has been found in certain engines but the fact that they developed cheat probably means that they have for other engines too. Since the cheat was specifically developed by head office it again goes to the core of VW and shows everyone it’s a dishonest company. Whether scrutiny will extend to other brands that use diesel engines or even further examining petrol engines will be interesting topic to watch. It is not the first time VW has taken short cuts on the emmisions technology. Will VW recover – who knows?

To conclude, the cheat codes in Simcity made the game more fun for me. It helped ease the games learning curve – quite sophisticated in the day for a game and I enjoyed many months of game time. Without the codes it would have been a harder slog and I would definitely be left feeling more than a little annoyed at the game. VW’s cheat likewise made their cars better to drive and made the owners feel good about their purchase, however it was killing them, us and the planet. It’s simply wrong thing to do, life is not a game and definitely not Simcity.

Update: The fuel injection system is provided by Bosch and VW where warned that using the codes would be illegal.