Tokyo Motorshow 2015

It’s a slow news period as Japan gears up for the 2015 Japanese motorshow in Tokyo.

I’m not going to the show this year for various reasons – to be evident on the Instagram feed. Nonetheless I’ve reserved this post for all the latest motorcycle news from Tokyo as it becomes available!

This year’s Tokyo motor show mostly featured updates to existing models and only one concept made an impression so far that I’ve included. It’s looks great and leading edge power plant.

That’s show stopping concept production motorcycle is the Honda NEOWING pictured below. The NEOWING is as it implies the next generation Goldwing class motorcycle – the ultimate touring motorcycle range. It also happens to arguably be any motorcycle fan’s last motorcycle…

I cancelled the concept description of the NEOWING since with most concept releases from Honda it will probably go into production. The ‘concept’ on display is fitted with a 4 cylinder and electric motor and for course the 3 wheeled design.  It looks great so when it does make it to production hope they stay true to the one on display, like the DN-01 and the Vultus.

Apart from that the only Suzuki Hayabusa news (rumours) is that a new or revised model is in development to be ready for the 2017 Japanese motorshow!