fujiI’ve done a few travel related posts in the past but not what I call in-depth by 2016 standards. After all many years have past since the last series of posts on travel and that the world has changed dramatically in the mean time. So the next series of posts will be on the subject of travel with as more detail for anyone who is interested.

In 2016 we now have much improved technology and information on travel and destinations such as the thousands of people uploading real life video logs or VLOGS, millions of images of places that we’ve never seen or visited before or millions of internet articles and written pages in english and foreign languages. The best thing is that there are plenty of different opinions on destinations and experiences. We are no longer have to accept just one or two ‘word of mouth’ recommendations and travel agents as there is the internet where we can access much more information,which can be good and bad. For example regardless of destination, the main thing I noticed was that most were focused on ‘budget’ travel or travelling based on being as cheap as possible in purely money terms.

Budget travel is great but it is only one aspect so I hope to present a series of articles that point out that basing travel decisions based only on monetary cost is not always the right thing to do.

Why Travel? It’s a personal thing ultimately and I think it allow you to find out about yourself. It can reveal many personal life lessons and broaden your view on people and places. Of course its about stepping out of your world at the moment for a brief time or even permanently in a good way of course. Travel shouldn’t be regarded as a chore even when you’re sitting at the airport there’s always something new you can try.

Next: Cheap airfares Vs Value for money airfares.

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