Triumph T100 Bonneville

Triumph T100 Bonneville

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is the constant of the Triumph model range. In fact if you’ve ever wanted a modern yet retro  styled motorcycle the Triumph Bonneville is probably already on your short list of motorbikes to check out. Sure, the Bonneville’s styling is typical of the period and could arguably be called generic British motorcycle in the day, in 2020 it’s the basis for other manufacturer’s retro designs…

The Triumph Bonneville’s design speaks for its self. It looks good as per the 1959 original and as retro as a motorcycle design can get if design trends and progress hadn’t moved on in the last 50 years. There is always a market for motorbikes that look like this. You can’t look at a Bonneville and not relate it to the Thruxton or the Speed Twin or any other ‘Classic’ motorcycle in the current Triumph range.

In terms of engines and technology the Bonneville has the base 900cc twin so there are no fancy tech additions to the engine for extra power just a decent amount of torque as per any naked. There are no high tech materials in the body work just metal and chrome parts. As per usual there is only a 5 speed gearbox which clear indicate what sort of motorbike it is designed to be. Fully modern but retro inspired instrument cluster are welcome rather than deliberately bare bones ones on its competitors. Finally there are twin exhausts and exposed rear springs, one on each side while technically unnecessary but essential in a genuine retro motorbike, purely for the looks. Should be a good ride in traffic or just commuting especially cafe hopping.

The Triumph T100 Bonneville is another retro motorcycle that I would recall from my past. This is an interesting thought as younger folk would probably recall the mainly Japanese sport bikes from the 80’s and 90’s as their inspiration. As I’ve said before, these motorbikes sell on their looks and street credit more than anything else and the latest incarnation of the Bonneville does sell. The Triumph Bonneville T100 purchase price starts at $17,300 AUD which is expensive and it’s biggest problem.

Triumph Bonneville T100 Specifications (2020)
Engine: 2 cylinder 4-stroke 8 Valve SOHC (EFI)
Capacity: 900cc
Power/Torque: Approx 41 Kw @ 5900 RPM 80 Nm @ 3230 RPM
Gearbox: 5 speed manual
Kerb Weight: 210kg
Performance: 0-100kph N/A seconds Approx
Max Speed N/A Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: 14.5 litre fuel tank
Approx 3.8 litres per 100km
Seat height: 790mm
Dimensions: Lxxxx X Wxxx X Hxxxx mm
Wheels: 100-90-18F 150-70-17R
Recommended Retail Price: $17,300 AUD (2020)
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