Yamaha AG125

Yamaha AG125

Welcome to the Yamaha AG100 specifications and showroom review for 2020. The AG100 is a vintage motorcycle in 2020 as it was released ack in the 1970’s. It is the 3rd Yamaha in the farming motorcycle class and I believe has been discontinued last year. The Yamaha AG100 is not LAMs or learner capable or even registrable for legal riding on public roads.

In terms of design the AG100 may look like the AG125 or the AG200 but they are 3 different motorbikes. The seats, tank, suspension, mud guards, frame and engines are all very different. I certainly missed it on first glance but a closer look the versions are obvious although I don’t understand the economics of why. The AG100 is the cheapest model hence gets the most basic parts although all three framing motorcycles are pretty basic models to look at.

In terms of design, engine and tech the Yamaha AG1oo is as basic as you can buy. The AG100 has a tabular steel painted frame including the swing arm, two stroke engine, air cooled and features inclosed chain drive, minimal pollution and noise control. Should be easy to service and repair so not surprising that it is classed as a ‘Farming motorbike’ and definitely ‘Agricultural motorbike’.

As a result the Yamaha AG100 is the 9th best motorcycle for the farm in 2019 selling 2 units. This sales number is down from 20 in 2018.

Yamaha AG100 Specifications (2020)
Engine: 1 cylinder 2-stroke Reed Valve (Carbs)
Capacity: 97cc
Power/Torque: Approx 5 Kw and 8 Nm
Gearbox: 5 Speed
Kerb Weight: 108Kg
Performance: 0-100kph N/A seconds Approx
Max Speed N/A Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: 10 litre fuel tank
Approx 3 litres per 100km
Seat height: 800 mm
Dimensions: L2110 X W930 X H1080 mm
Wheels: 3.00-21F 4.10-18R
Recommended Retail Price: $3490 AUD (2020)


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