Yamaha TMAX 530

After writing about the Vespa last week it occurred to me that I’ve never really looked at the latest Scooter Motorcycle class at all and that despite  owning an Honda DN-01. It has probably been about 10 years since manufacturers started making high performance or sports scooters and the most known model is the Yamaha TMAX and in this case the TMAX 530 the fastest scooter in the world maybe…

The Yamaha TMAX in 2018 is marketed a sports scooter and they have designed it to look the part too and it looks fast. In terms of design the TMAX stays true to the scooter formula with the smaller wheels and large body. This is a little unfortunate as they could have tried something different like what Honda did with the DN-01. Regardless it is a good looking and it’s size means it does get noticed.

In terms of mechanical specifications it has an in line 2 cylinder engine with a capacity of 530cc which is huge in traditional scooter terms producing decent power at relatively low RPM and a fat torque curve at the same time. Seems very much like a Cruiser performance profile – doesn’t it? This is the key to the TMAX and means that it can easily cope with 100kph and more speeds on the freeway with ease. Apart form the engine there are the usual keyless start and running, ABS brakes, USD forks, LED lights, power socket, a separate rear swing arm, very car like instrument panel and plenty of storage space.

Everything looks great but there is one major problem with the TMAX 530 and that is to do with price. The2018 pricing for the TAMX 530 is $13,990 AUD which simply put is expensive.  Even more so when you consider the competition in the price segment and that there are genuinely special and affordable motorcycles you can buy for less.

Yamaha TMAX 530 SX Key Specifications
Engine: 2 cylinder 4V DOHC (EFI)
Capacity: 530cc
Power/Torque: 34 Kw @ 6750 RPM 53 Nm @ 5250 RPM
Gearbox: CVT 
Kerb Weight: 213 Kg Approx
Performance: 0-100kph NA seconds Approx Max Speed 100 Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: 15 litre fuel tank
Seat height: 800 mm
Dimensions: L2200 x W765 x H1475
Recommended Retail Price: $13,990 (2018)


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