Zero S

Zero S

Zero may be a largely unknown manufacturer and brand but they are one of the first to market their electric motorcycles around the world. Zero motorbikes can be purchased from various distributers mostly in Europe and North America. There were sold in Australia for a few years but left the country in 2017. I don’t know the sales numbers but they mentioned something about catering to commercial customers.

Zero have a number of electric only motorcycles in the range, best described as conventionally designed and purposed aka road and trial. 2020 models include the top range Zero SR a naked sports looking bike, the Zero S entry level, Zero DS a high rise version of the same, and the Zero FX / FXS that are trail bike inspired.

I love electric motorcycles and cars too for that matter. Less environmental impact apart from initial construction, the ability to modify appearence and update performance just like a regular motorcycle. I of course love the idea of being able to ‘refuel’ at home. The range ‘problem’ is a far enough complaint but there are power points  everywhere. By all accounts Zero motorcycles are reliable and have their own unique issues as per the discussion boards. So why haven’t not sold well?

The biggest problem with Zero Motorcycles, ignoring corporate issues are price and design. Zero motorcycle are expensive relative to petrol powered motorcycles with similar performance. 2010 Zero started around the $11,000 mark in 2010 but price rose quickly and the price of the last entry level S models cost $24,000. Those prices are expensive in Australian dollar terms but understandable due to the state of the art tech. However the biggest problem is design. All Zeros motorbikes are ugly, challenging or ordinary to look at. If only Zero made a model that looked something like the Suzuki Hayabusa or the Kawasaki H2 or even the Honda DN-01 or Vultus, or any number of retro cafe racers or even something more modern that would attract the eyes of both motorcyclists and non-riders and justify the price tag.

More on Zero motorcycles shortly…

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