Zero SR/F

Zero SR/F Electric motorcycle

The 2020 ZERO SR/S and SR/F (2019) are newest models in the range and the top of range electric motorcycle made by Zero. The SR/S and SR/F are the two models, the SR/S being faired version (aka sporty bike class) and the SR/F the naked or un-faired version.

Finally, the performance from the electric motor appears similar to the 600cc sport bike class but with more torque.  The ‘fuel economy’ or battery range especially in the city is very competitive to regular motorbikes at around 250kms. That said any of the Zero bikes would have great on-throttle performance or in gear (if it had any) and I presume the SR/S and the SR/F will be no different.

The technology that has been packed in the SR Series will logically filter down to the rest of the range but for now this these are arguably the best performing real electric motorbikes that you can buy right now. Of the techno jargon that has been released, I’m sure I’m not the only person who can’t translate it into something meaningful that non-electric car owners as an example could understand. That will come in time as per the current internal combustion engine. Summarised the SR.S and SR/F are state of the art electric motorcycles.

The main failing of the brand though is nothing to do with their tech, rather it’s the brand’s design and appeal. All the models look entry level and no different to any other regular motorcycle. Any the new SR/S or SR/F will look like they where copied designs from any number of Japanese brands faired or not. I’m sure Zero spent a lot of time designing fairing but it does not look like it.

As per every other review I’ve read on the internet, I too can be completely complementary about the SR series but that would not be genuine. The series is a step forward in technology from the basic tech they’ve been using for 10 years. However short cuts on design are clear and I can only assume to be finance related. For example for Zero to make a big deal about software upgrades for older bikes and a Smartphone App updates are not features in 2020 – it is expected. The other major problem is the ‘Power Tank’ which isn’t much of an extended range battery and ‘Fast charging’ options these should be standard in 2020. Further more with these options make the SR series priced too close to the Tesla Model 3 which happens to be faster and has more range. However it’s a step in the right direction for Zero and electric motorcycles, most of all it’s a real motorcycle.

Zero SR/S and SR/F Key Specifications
Engine: Electric motor – Z-Force 75-10
Battery Capacity: 7.2Kw – 14.4Kw dependent on model and option 
Power/Torque: 82Kw @ 5000 and 190Nm @ 1 RPM
Gearbox: Direct – Belt final drive
Kerb Weight: 229 Kg
Performance: Top Speed 200kph-124mph Approx
Sustained top speed 177 Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: City up to 259 km
Highway 159 km @ 89kph 55mph
Highway 132 km @ 113kph 70mph
Charging time dependent on charging accessory.
Seat height: 787 mm
Dimensions: Lxx x Wxx x Hxx x Wxx
Recommended Retail Price: FROM $21,995 USD (2020)


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