Typical Trail Motorbike

Typical Trail Motorcycle

A category or class of motorbikes that is traditionally popular world wide is the Trail Motorcycle. Trail motorcycles are motorbikes that are designed for off road or trail riding. These motorbikes are not outright off road competition or race ready but somewhere in between hence not all the best selling trail motorcycle models are road legal.

Although I am writing about these motorcycles in 2021 it is simply explained by being behind in editing the final draft. Note that I have covered some of them in the past so probably do up new dedicated specifications for them. Although I should have had plenty of time to compete writing the series, 2020 was a interesting year in isolation – ha ha – I was busy with other projects.

So what are the best selling or most popular Trail Motorbikes in Australia? based on data published by FCAI and VFACTS here is the list of the best selling and hence most popular Trail motorbikes in Australia for 2019 are:

  1. Honda CRF250F
  2. Honda CRF230F
  3. Suzuki DR-Z400E
  4. Honda CRF250L
  5. Yamaha TTR230/A
  6. Kawasaki KLX150BF
  7. Kawasaki KLX250S
  8. Yamaha XT250
  9. Suzuki DR-Z250
  10. Suzuki DR200S
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