Wireless Earphone Reviews

1 = Lazer Wireless Sports Earphones 2 = Apple Airpods 3 = Sound Repblik True Wireless Earbuds

Welcome to my really cheap wireless earphones / true wireless earphones reviews series. I’m  starting of with the cheapest wireless earphones I could find and bought them. Why? Most of the new phones do not come with a headphone or earphone socket – which is annoying, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money at the time of purchase.

The first model for review is the Lazer Wireless Sports Earphones. These where purchased from Big W for a low price of $10. Note that the earphones where not on sale at the time and are the cheapest wireless you can probably find in Australia.

The Lazer Wireless Sports Earphones are not ‘true’ wireless as they have a cord and control module between them. Having a cord between the two earbuds have the benefit of being less likely to lose them and having the a physical control module makes it easy to adjust volume and track. The control module is cheaply built but expected for the price. The ear buds themselves feel good for the price. They are recharged by a micro-USB connection on the control module.

The Lazer earphones are pretty comfortable if they fit your ear hole. Yes you have to stick them in them which means there’s a basic and physical  noise cancellation. They are light weight so not uncomfortable but only for a little while. However like all earphones they get annoying and the maximum I can handle is 30 minutes.

Sound quality is acceptable for the price but actually quite bad. That said since everyone’s hearing is different especially if you’re older even a $1000 headphone could sound disappointing. These are not the exception. However for $10 the Lazer Wireless Sports earphones sound quality is very good. Unfortunately compared to the benchmark AirPods the Lazer Wireless Sports earphones sound muffled. The best description is that they sound like an old transistor radio.

The Lazer Wireless Sports are bluetooth and their ability to remain connected to your phone or device is one of the most important features. They do a perfectly good job to remain connected and to about 5 meters is probably the furthest you can be away form the source before you get cutouts or buffering issues. I mentioned the buffering because the sound does not sync with what you see on screen if on a video call or watching a video. The microphone quality is very average but no one had trouble understanding me.

Are the Lazer Wireless Sports earphones worth buying? The answer is Yes and No dependent on your circumstance. Only in an emergency is my recommendation because it is priced at $10. If you need a set  of wireless earphones in a pinch then these are good but there are better that cost only a little more eg. $15.

Summary relative to Apple AirPods the Lazer earphones build quality is just as good except for the control unit which is very cheap and toy like.
Battery life Estimated 3 hours – it would be classified as murder for any longer.
Sound Quality compared to Apple Airpods: Voice 7 – Music 6 – Microphone 6
Notes: Sound Quality is not dependent on in ear seal.

Lazer Wireless Sports Earbuds/Earphones
Bluetooth range 33 feet
Voice prompt
MicroUSB charging
Lithium Ion battery
3 button inline remote
Not water resistant

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