13 February 2000

Update 13/02/2000 : News this week which no other site I have visited has posted, confirmation of what the symbol means : what does the symbol mean ? Well, its either pronounced Hayabusa or Hayato. It means strong and fast regardless of the way its pronounced !

The most interesting update I have this week is in regards to the AVON AZAROs. These tyres are honestly really good. It feels really sticky and provides heaps of feedback. Its also a very stable tyre, reducing the wobble which my bike is afflicted with. The service guys at Suzuki Territory reckon that its probably slightly tight head bearings. I will hopefully have it fixed shortly.

In regards to luggage, I am trying to order a proper mounting rack for a top box to house my Hayabusa multimedia package ! (HUMP) More on how its going to work out over the coming months. Why ? because I like having a bit of music as I ride. The NT is a big place and the roads are very long and straight.

Speaking of which, if you ever visit I must warn you not to over do your speed. The wild life is exceptionally dangerous. My trip through the center last year by car I saw a dingo playing chicken with a road train. Over a dozen eagles swooping down in front of the car to catch lizards or snakes. I even ran through a whole colony of little birds at 140km. Then there’s live stock that just hang around the edges of the road waiting to test your braking skills. Then there are the Red-Kangaroos. Not little wallabies. These things are at least 2 meters tall. and I wouldn’t like to run into one at speed. The road clearing teams can be seen clearing up their remains in the morning, after being run over by road trains etc… Although my travels where through the day I’d hate to imagine what it’ll be like at night. There aren’t any street lights in the center of Australia.