Welcome to the new section of HYP4R.COM.

My name is Peter Lee and currently the main author on the website. Yes, there are others who have posted articles over the years.

This website is a motorcycle/ automotive BLOG that presents news, reviews and information related to the automotive industry and related topics. Essentially this website is an up to date version of the my original (and ancient) Suzuki Hayabusa Resource website but much less specific.

The content of this website is editorial, opinion based and conclusions expressed are usually done empirically and logically.  Unless and obviously information presented as published scientific fact like technical specifications – although typing errors can occur. Press releases from other sources are posted from time to time dependent on how interesting they are. In essence this is the logical extension of my prior Hayabusa BLOG that has been around since 1999.

I am known for not to using a spelling or grammar checker so that those copying without credit will need to run one. More often than not the result would not make any sense, especially those who do foreign language translations. However over the years these checkers have grown smarter and the fun factor on my part has decreased. So now I just make deliberate but obvious mistakes so they can do their own research.

The images used on the website are either my own, sent in by visitors, royalty free collections but purchased with indefinite rights or press images by the various manufacturers.

Comments will never be turned on since I simply do not have the time to monitor or answer feedback and there are just too many trolls out there.

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