14 August 1999

Latest update 14 / 8 / 1999 : Following my incident with the metal bolt I had to replace the rear tyre.  As expected, it proved impossible to get the J spec Bridgestone BT56.  As a result I made do with a standard BT56.  Physically the standard BT56 looks smaller due to the more rounded profile.  The thread looks deeper and feels sticker than the J spec.

Differences in the Hayabusa’s handling characteristics are noticeable straight away.  The Standard BT56 tyre provides much more feedback that the J spec.  However it is definitely not as stable in the straight line.   The bike feels much like a bike sports bike than a high speed cruiser now.  Around town the standard BT56 is great however on my latest high speed run down the track proved that the J Spec is the better tyre.  Thread wear on the standard BT56 seems greater then the J spec.  The BT56 is showing more thread lacerations than on the J Spec.  For your information I prefer the J spec.

The Hayabusa’s headlights are very good, both low beam and high.  The high beams looks pretty cool from your riding position.  Initially I though the high beam was directed a tad low, however I soon realised that the beam goes directly ahead so anything in your path can easily be seen quite far ahead,  but if there’s nothing ahead the beam doesn’t light up anything, pretty cool huh ?

After riding a normal Honda CBR600 again I found the differences very noticeable.  The 600s really need to rev but even then there is little sense of speed, I guess its all relative.  I found it quite unnerving to be overtaken by my own bike and had no recourse.  Mind you I was in top gear but then so was the Hayabusa.

Normal standing starts especially at traffic lights (from idle) will see the Hayabusa take off effortlessly (changing up at about 3500-4000).   A 600cc (regardless of make) unless revving it past needs 7000-9000rpm simply to keep up.  Sure the CBR is a nice bike and I love the handling but I miss the power of the Hayabusa more.

Note : that the Northern Territory does not have posted speed limits outside of towns.  The law recommends that you should travel at a safe speed.  With the large number of wildlife crossing the road I think that is sensible rule besides there’s too much to see along the way.   There are also the numerous road trains that are speed limited to 100km/h.

(Update: The laws have now changed and hence speed restricted to 130kph. However and as expected, just to show how stupid we are in believing politicians and seeming road safety experts the road deaths have INCREASED. Speed does not kill it is stupid people and the ones to put the speed limit in are guilty of those deaths.)