19 December 1999

Update 19/12/1999 :  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all visitors I’ve had throughout the year.   Ride safely and stay in one piece so you can visit again !

Well, another busy week getting the Hayabusa Club Site up and running.  Also the 10,000km service for my Hayabusa.  Looks like it’ll be covering 20000kms for the year (next June).   No updates next Sunday   but I’ll be posting a major one including a new site look after Christmas so you know what Adventures my Hayabusa has been up to.  The Net will probably be congested with heaps of traffic anyway.

Now I’m not sure what to do when it hits 20,000km.   I am well aware about the re-sale bogey at 20,000kms, at least in my bike experience.  There’s nothing else at the moment that I can replace it with, it looks like I have to get another Hayabusa !
The fuel problem has finally been fixed !  As I mentioned earlier, it was primarily contaminated fuel not helped by having a kinked fuel hose which made it run rich.  There are 2 fuel filters on the Hayabusa.  One which was addressed by the recall and another hidden away.  The second one or is it the first one was filled with quite a bit of crap.  This is not my first encounter with contaminated fuel.  With thanks to the Suzuki Territory service staff for solving this problem.  I can once again travel more than 200kms without worrying about running out of petrol !  I am once again very content with my bike.

Further  Wynand Cillie  from South Africa has pointed out a problem with the side stand not extending at a correct angle which could lead the the bike falling over !  I’ll post the pictures shortly along with heaps more over the next few weeks.

NEWS : Announcing the formation of the Australian Hayabusa Club.  So for now, if you live in Australia and have a Hayabusa, please contact Volvi or myself to keep you up to date with its progress.

This week I’ve basically transversed Australia’s east coast and back again.  Huge work load now and just before Christmas too.  Hope you liked the new screen saver Click here to download I compared the 2 when I finished and the new one is honestly much better, not commercial quality yet… but no more smudged graphics and continuous annoying music.  I again apologize for the various errors to the text in the previous update.  e.g 2000km for 17 litres ?  hmmm…  I was busy packing for my trip.  I will hopefully have a comparison of sorts with the K1200 shortly and the anime site completed.  Probably over the Christmas break.  But for now, a few fixes, lots of new links including one to Alstare – Official Suzuki racing team web site and fixes to some which didn’t work…
Just attended the Salvo’s Christmas Toy run.  It had been raining for most of the afternoon so I presume the turn out would have been much better.  I think about 200 bikes turned up and even more riders and pillions !   There was police escort and everything ! Pictures shortly.

Exhaust hunting…  Les  from Aust has a problem with his Hayabusa after adding Remus exhausts, can anyone help Click here to send Les a message ?   As for me I’m still looking.  At the moment I’d rather buy some luggage than new pipes as I want to head off for a longer run soon.

From my little blast down the track last week, I can attest that one can never be tried of too much power.  As my mate who rode the CBR6 said, he ran out of gears trying to catch me.

The fuel problem ? it was caused by a kinked fuel hose apparently ! The ride home on Thursday was almost free of ‘surges’ when throttling hard, but most of all no more petrol smells.  I’m still not 100% happy with it but its definitely better than before.  Its going back again anyway because its still using a lot of petrol (still about 17 litres for 200km)  Hope its not anything major…more news next week.