2 January 2000

Update 02/01/2000 : Welcome to the new Millennium or is it the last year of the old one ? Lots of site updates, however I didn’t manage to complete the new look as yet. Hence still the minimalist look. But its quick to load ! according to the speed load counter ! Some new pictures of my Hayabusa, pictures of the Accessories page including the Hayabusa on the center stand and hero blobs ! and the promised The 2 Fat Ladies page. The ‘horrorscope’ predictions for 2000 will be completed next week.

Not much riding done over the past week as its been storming at inappropriate times. From my last high speed trip I estimate that the Hayabusa can cover 350km per tank avg speed -160kph. Maybe a tad more if tank was filled to the top with premium unleaded. I have never got a reading under 5.2 litres per 100km no matter what sort of riding I do.

I’m shopping for a new tyre over the next few weeks, hopefully it’ll be a BT56 J spec dependent on stock, although I don’t think that would happen, so I’ll opting for the Dunlop D207, just to try it out.

Oh! and congratulations – the world didn’t crash and burn!