2012 Suzuki Hayabusa and Suzuki Kizashi

Here’s the latest 2012 Australian Suzuki Hayabusa and Suzuki Kizashi ad or commercial. It’s more a car commercial  than motorcycle but the whole thing looks great regardless.  Think inspiration from Transformers and Tron! Only problem I think is the sound track which won’t appeal to the market for the car. Apart from that – enjoy. The finished ad can be seen in the last minute or so.

About the Suzuki Kizashi: It’s a ‘medium’ sized car and Suzuki’s top range model. It stands out from the crowd by have actual curved panel but looks good in a conservative way. The engines and technology are all up the industry standards or more so you won’t be disappointed. The best part of the Kizashi is the interior which has a more upmarket ambience than say the Toyota Camry and has high quality detailed touches seen in prestige brands. You have to check it up in the showroom to see for your self.

The popular meaning for Kazashi is ‘a great thing is coming’ which can be interpreted as number of ways…