Welcome to the Honda CRF250F motorcycle specifications and showroom review for 2021. The CRF250F was released in 2018 was the model that changed up the sales numbers for the class in the top 10 list for 2019! The CRF250F is not a clone of the CRF230F with a bigger engine and certainly not a CRF250L but the link between the two.

I don’t need to mention that Honda trail bikes are very popular in the outback/trails/farms but there was always been gap in the line up for a motorcycle that wasn’t a AG-bike, road bike or motocross but something in between and this is the niche that the CRF250F fills. Faster than AG bike, just a reliable with air cooled engine and durable frame yet with Fuel injection for even easier maintenance. No surprise the CRF250F goos head to head of with various Yamaha XT and TTR variants.

In terms of looks, I have never seen one yet in the showroom due to the various lock downs starting in 2020 till now – March 2021. Since every motorcycle is in short supply due to pent up demand I don’t think I’ll be seeing one for another few months. That said the CRF250F looks like a typical trail motorcycle although a bit more sporty yet on the verge of looking like a MX or competition motorcycle.

The Honda CRF250F is not a compromised model by being road legal or LAMS compliant, rather it is designed for off road use from the start and it’s specifications reflect that. Air cooling for example on a fuel injected motorcycle is odd but it is the preferred cooling system for durability purposes. 5 gears in a new model seems step back but 5 gears is perfect for trail riding. It is missing a kick start but I’m sure the electric system is thermo -nuclear proof. Any tubing is well protected and mostly hidden and the bash plate completes the visuals. Hardware upgrades and geometry changes also indicate that it is not a CRF230F clone with a bigger engine.

Is the Honda CRF250F worth buying? Yes, the CRF250F is well priced for the trail bike class especially with EFI. Any complaints you hear are just riders not able to adapt to EFI fuelling and prefer the laggy throttle response and flat spot prone carburettored competitors. As a result the Honda CRF250F is the most  popular and best selling trail motorcycle in Australia 2019 selling 796 units.

Honda CRF250F Key Specifications
Engine:   1 cylinder 4-stroke SOHC (EFI)
Capacity:  250cc
Power/Torque:  Approx 14 Kw 22 Nm
Gearbox:   5 speed
Kerb Weight:  120g
Performance:  0-100kph N/A seconds Approx
Max Speed N/A Kph Approx 
Fuel Economy:   6 litre fuel tank
Approx >3 litres per 100km
Seat height:  883mm
Dimensions: L2180 X W810 X H1230mm
Wheels: 80-100-21F  100-100-18R
 Recommended Retail Price:  Est $7,398 AUD (2021)