2023 CFMOTO Motorcycles

Ever wondered what the complete range of new motorcycles a manufacturer has for a particular year? Now that the lock downs have disappeared I can begin my search for a new motorcycle. As usual I have not idea what to buy – more to the distress of any sales rep than anyone else. I’m sure there are a few people like myself who aren’t swayed by marketing or any particular model and just after an interesting motorcycle that looks and goes well in our eyes. 

So this week’s spotlight motorcycle brand and the next part of my journey is: CFMOTO motorcycles. Their motorcycles have caught my eye over the years due to their styling which punches above their price point and brand history. That is: no brand history as it’s a start up from China but well proportioned styling that is better than the class they sell in. CFMOTO now have a joint venture with KTM and you can see the influences in CFMOTO’s styling language and engine specifications. By all accounts mainland China doesn’t view motorcycles especially scooters as core part of their transportation system specifically in the largest cities for various reasons – a topic to be explored in a later series of articles. 

So here are the CFMOTO motorcycle models for 2023 – I’ve also decided to bookmark the page and update it with my comments over time on each model as I research each one.

150 – 300 – 650 – 800 NK Series = No
300 CL-X = No
700 CL-X Hmmm worth a closer look.
300 – 450 SR Series = Hmmm worth a closer look.
650 – 800 MT/GT Series = No