2023 Favourite Motorcycles – Aprilia SR GT 125

Aprilia SR GT 125
Aprilia SR GT 125

The Aprilia SR GT 125 is on the list of my favourite 2023/2024 motorcycles as it was the only model in the Aprilia range that caught my eye. Yes that implies that the other models do not have anything I would consider special. Other Aprilia bikes may sell better but for me this is the only model that stands out this time. 

As I’ve said before, all 125cc motorcycles and scooters should be on everyone’s list bikes to ride or own at some stage. It’s due to accessibility, the level of power and usually the matched weight of the bike, the handling that brings a smile and satisfaction of riding and I don’t think is currently matched in another order class of bike. 

In terms of looks, construction and design the Aprilia SR GT 125 is a contemporary design the has a front end resembling dual purpose motorcycles and it’s other rivals. Unfortunately it’s cut and paste design is nothing like the Italjet Dragster series that truly represents traditional Italian design flair. 

In terms of the engine and tech the Aprilia SR GT 125 has a decently power engine for a 125cc matched to a CVT and if not for the weight could be an even more entertaining ride. I’m not one to carry on about weight (pun intended) but with so little power every kilo lost is more fun. Weight becomes less of an issue with more power and CADCAM deign tech that can distributes weight  beneficially. One tech feature the SR GT has is the  start stop system that should improve it’s already minimal fuel consumption. Apart form that it has all the usual LED lights and displays expected in a 2024 motorcycle.

So, why would you buy the Aprilia SR GT125 ? First it looks great and a has an Italian brand and for me it’s the only Aprilia motorcycle or scooter that caught my eye. Although it makes the first draft of my favourites list, unfortunately it will not make my final short. The reason is that the SR GT is expensive compared to say it’s rivals like the better performing Honda ADV 15o – which I also think looks good.

Aprilia SR GT 125  Key Specifications
Engine: 1 cylinder 4V SOHC (EFI)
Capacity: 125cc
Power/Torque: 11Kw @ 8,7500 RPM 12 Nm @ 6500 RPM
Gearbox: 1 Speed – CVT
Kerb Weight: 145 Kg Approx
Performance: 0-100kph NA seconds Approx
Max Speed 100 Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: 9 litre fuel tank
Seat height: 799 mm
Dimensions: L1920 x W765 x Hxxxx
Recommended Retail Price: $8,040 (2024)