2023 Kawasaki Motorcycles

Ever wondered what the complete range of new motorcycles a manufacturer has for a particular year, in this case 2023? Now that the lock downs have disappeared I can begin my search for a new motorcycle. As usual I have not idea what to buy – more to the distress of any sales rep than anyone else. I’m sure there are a few people like myself who aren’t swayed by marketing or any particular model and just after an interesting motorcycle that looks and goes well in our eyes. 

Next on the list to check out are Kawasaki motorcycles. They have a reputation developed over the decades of making motorcycle which are more powerful that those by it’s Japanese competitors. (via clever marketing or fan base) Of course having more power does not mean better handling, reliability or looks. 

I’ve also decided to bookmark the page and update it with my comments over time on each model as I research each one. 

Kawasaki Motorcycle models for sale in Australia in 2023

Ninja H2 SX = Nope
Ninja H2 = Love the look but not the price
Ninja H2R = Ditto as per H2

Ninja ZX-4R = Interesting …
Ninja ZX-6R = Nope
Ninja ZX-10R = No
Ninja ZX-14R = No

Ninja 400 = No
Ninja 650 = No
Ninja 1000SX = No

Z400 = No
Z650 = hmmm
Z900 = N0
Z1000 = One of my favorites
Z650RS = No enough engine
Z900RS = Much better 
Z H2 = No

Vesrys 1000 = No
Versys 650 = No
Versys X-300 = No

W800 = No there are better and cheaper
Vulcan S = No
Stockman = No
KLR 650 = No
KLX230SM = No
KLX150BF = No
KLX230 = No
KLM230SM = No
KLX250 = No