2023 Suzuki Motorcycles

Welcome to the 2nd post in the series of my journey to my next motorcycle purchase: Ever wondered what the complete range of new motorcycles a manufacturer has for a particular year? Now that the lock downs have disappeared I can begin my search for a new motorcycle. As usual I have not idea what to buy – more to the distress of any sales rep than anyone else. I’m sure there are a few people like myself who aren’t swayed by marketing or any particular model and just after an interesting motorcycle that looks and goes well in our eyes. 

I’ve had a few Suzuki motorcycles over the years and it has nothing to do with brand bias. Rather Suzuki made the best motorcycle for me at the time. A manufacturer with such a long history as Suzuki motorcycles, they have hundreds or thousands of models made over the decades with some generally  accepted as historically important. So as I go through their 2023 model range it there anything that interests me?

I’ve also decided to bookmark the page and update it with my comments over time on each model as I research each one. 

Suzuki Motorcycle models for sale in Australia 2023

Suzuki Hayabusa = Hmm – already bought 2 but I want more before committing to a 3rd. 
GSX-R1000 = Nope 
V-STORM 1050 = Nope
V-STORM 800DE = Nope
V-STORM 650XT = Nope
V-STORM 250SX= Hmm
Katana = On the list for more investigation – Like the Retro.
GSX-S1000 = Nope
GSX-S8 = Nope
GSX-S750 = No
GSX-S125 = No
SV650 = Nope
Avenis 125 = No
Address 110 = No
RM-Z450 = Nope
RM-Z250 = Nope
RM86L  = No
DR-Z450E= Hmm on the list for further investigation
Trojan = Nope
DR-Z125 = Def No
JR80 = Def No