6 February 2000

Update 06/02/2000 : Wow ! My new machine has IE Explorer 5 on it and it seems to work really well. Its an HP P3 500Mhz with a 17in CRT monitor. Unfortunately it isn’t equipped with my old DVD and CD-Writer and personally I don’t think the AGP Riva TNT card is as good as the old ATi Pro rage – though I’m sure others will disagree. Hopefully when the old one is fixed I’ll feel better. It may only be 500Mhz but it zooms along much faster that the old 400Mhz.

Anyway back to the Hayabusa. The new AVONs appear to be a very good tyre. It is definitely more stable than the BT56S and definitely more feel than the BT56J. In fact I lean into corners much more steeply as there’s a ton more feel. I’m actually using it up to the edges more than the BT56S and certainly more than the BT56J. However I would hesitate to guess what the AVONs life span is. Anyway, I’ll keep you up to date.

Based on visual judgement, the AVONs do appear wider than the BT56Js and a size bigger than the 190 BT56S. I know that shouldn’t really be a comparison, but I’m sure like most people you’d want the bike to look good too !