9 January 2000

Update 09/01/2000 : I got sooo bored with packing up I decided to check out the Net, after all I be packing my machine up shortly. Anyway I’ve got new tyres ! I was just checking out what was available when I stumbled on it ! I’m the owner of a new AVON AZARO AV36 rear tyre !. It has a groovy, thread pattern ! and it looks huge ! It’s the widest rear tyre I have ever seen, for a bike. However the edges look pretty slick so I’m not sure what they’d be like in the wet ! I haven’t found any Net reports on the AVONs yet… so its going to be an interesting experience over the next few thousand K’s. Initial ride impressions seem to suggest a sticky compound !

Anyway, I have to get back packing ! Next update probably when I get the phone connected in my new place !

Update 09/01/2000 (in advance) : This update is done in advance as alot of crap has happened over the past week. I’m moving house. Not that it matters but currently I live in an area which most would not call the better part of Darwin. And as it is at least 15-20 minutes by Hayabusa (observing the speed limit, I won’t mention the quickest I done it in.) to town 25-30 minutes by car it is a tad inconvenient when I like to socialize especially so when I also have an apartment overlooking the wharf in town ! So the tenants have decided to move out so I can move in ! I’m going to be really busy over the weekend packing and next week considering (it looks like) I have to travel to Melbourne for the next weekend for personal matters. Heavy work loads don’t add much to my enjoyment of life at this point in time.

Site updates include extra Accessories pics. Sorry but I haven’t had time to do the ‘horrorscope’ this week. So maybe next week. It’s a long flight 6 hour+ flight to Melbourne so I can do some star gazing then…. thankfully I’ll be in business class.

Hayabusa trivia : Did you know that the recommended pressures on the Hayabusa’s tyres are 42 which is also the answer to the question of life the universe and everything ! More 42s on the Hayabusa over the next few weeks. Even worse I won’t be able to get the rear tyre replaced for at least 2 weeks.