Aprilia RS4 125R 4T Review

The Aprilia RS4 125R 4T is currently (2012) THE best looking under 250cc motorcycle I have set my eyes on to date. (Aprilia is a ‘premium’ European manufacturer) The design is leading edge along with all its components including  engine and suspension hence the race replica tag line. Regardless of whether the RS4 is used as a learner/commuter/racing this is one very cool motorcycle. 

Furthermore, for those who want their 250c and under motorcycle to look like a 1000cc sports bike in terms of physical size than the RS4 is the one to get. 

The RS4 125R 4T is the 4 stroke version of the 2T model, both which you can still buy. Both versions are for sports bikers at heart and its not hard to see why. In real life the RS4 looks larger than a 250cc motorcycle but with thinner tyres gives it’s smaller capacity away, however that can be easily rectified and  it will be the last thing you’ll be looking at because literally every where else is quality parts and racing inspiration. The RS4 makes the more expensive YZF-R125, Ninja 250R and Ninja 300 look overpriced and underdone for the same price.

In terms of engine power Aprilia does not disclose the power or torque figures but if their marketing is to be believed and considering the quality of the parts you can expect slightly better power and torque than other 125cc. However the other specifications on the RS4 are  excellent, USD front forms, alloy frame and race rear, short shifter, full race instruments and so forth – hard to believe this is a mere 125cc in the showroom and priced lower than the perennial favorites.

The Aprilia RS4 125R is a standout in the class – to non-motorcyclists it doesn’t quite have the brand image to sell more just yet but they and  even those who don’t know will marvel at its parts and design will be impressed regardless. The showroom appeal is very convincing and since it really does have real race pedigree I’d seriously consider buying one… and so should you.

Aprilia RS4 125R 4T Key Specifications
Engine:   IL1 cylinder 4-stroke 4 valve DOHC (EFI)
Capacity:  124.8cc
Power/Torque:  12-13Kw RPM  and 15-16Nm 
Gearbox:   6 speed
Kerb Weight:  145kg
Performance:  0-100kph 9 seconds Approx
Max Speed 140Kph Approx 
Fuel Economy:   14.5 litre fuel tank
Approx 4 litres per 100km
Seat height:  820mm
Dimensions: L1953 X W740 X H1183
 Recommended Retail Price:  $6990 (2012)