Blast from the past – Other motorcycle pictures – Gallery 1

Blast from the past – These are pictures of motorcycles other than the Suzuki Hayabusa that where sent in to me over 15 years ago.  They where all originally on this site but had to move due to space and data transfer limits of the day – aka in the days measured by Megabytes vs Terabytes in 2023 and all before Instagram, Facebook etc…

Anyway I’ve been closing down and consolidating all the work I have been involved with over the years and putting back here, where they belong.


Set 1 : Miro – Yamaha YZF600

Set 2 : Kawasaki ZX-12R

Set 3 : Thomas Matheny – Intruder 1400. Thomas has sent in pic 3.  (Jan ’06 update) showing a few more mods he’s done over the years !

Set 4 : John Mair – This is the Cescent Suzuki Team for the Isle of Man TT ridden by Dave Jefferies!  Fantastic picture and a POTM Aug 2002 Winner to boot.

Set 5 : Todd Griffin – An 1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 Bored to 1105cc with Vance & Haines 4-1 Drag pipes Dynoed to 120hp at the back wheel. History on wheels and not bad at all !

Set 6 : ‘Fishpawf’ – The lastest Kawasaki Z1000 !  Look great don’t they !

Set 7 : Marcin – Nice pic of a GSX600F from Poland !

Set 8 : Bill Ferguson – Bill said :99 Harley Davidson Softail with an awesome Diamond plate airbrush over a Deep hot pink graduating to Purple paint job. 200 tire powered by a Headquarter built Evo 110 ci./ 115 hp motor blowing Thunderheader pipes. I said : I agree ! – Fantastic mods here.

Set 9 : Robert Lane – Robert’s Hayabusa that can be seen in the other gallerys is joined by his Yamaha YZF600 !