Blast from the past – Other motorcycle pictures – Gallery 2

Blast from the past – These are pictures of other motorcycles other than the Suzuki Hayabusa that where sent in to me over 15 years ago.  They where all originally on this site but had to move due to space and data transfer limits of the day – aka in the days measured by Megabytes vs Terabytes in 2023 and all before Instagram, Facebook etc…

Anyway I’ve been closing down and consolidating all the work I have been involved with over the years and putting back here, where they belong.

Set 1 : Roland and Partner – Roland sent in some lovely pics this month of his Hayabusa and 2 others.  The evergreen GSXR1100 and ’89 model and the GSX600F are of course the others!

Set 2 : ALEXTREMO – Excellent mods demonstrated here.  Looks superb – If I was going to have a POTM for bikes other than the Hayabusa this would be it!

Set 3 : ‘daneison’ – Has sent in a classic 1976 Kawasaki 900 with 1105 cc turbo kit , turbo cams, water injection.

Set 4 : Keith Abramson from  Santa Barbara, CA sent in a picture of a 2000 Kawasaki Vulcan transformed into a retro Indian Drifter!