Ducati Monster 659 Review

The Ducati Monster 659 is the latest LAMS motorcycle aimed at commuters and first time motorcycle riders hence has on my new website. The Monster 659 comes in two versions, the restricted version for learner riders under the LAMS scheme and the unrestricted version for those on a full motorcycle license. The Monster 659 is the cheapest Ducati you can buy and the only place in the world you can buy one in 2012. Unfortunately that will not mean that it will ever be a collectable or worth very much.

Based on reports from Ducati the engine is a smaller version of the Monster 696 with throttle restriction for the LAMS version. That means you can presumably remove the throttle restriction to have a full powered 659 after your license restriction is lifted. So ignore the power specifications below since its not full powered. Regardless Ducati’s are temperamental  so you make sure you look after it and have any problems attended to immediately.

Being a released this year (2012 model) the 659 it is priced quite high but on the balance you are getting a lot of motorcycle for the money and of course the brand. Which is perfectly acceptable reason to choose it! However I do not think its worth the effort unless you intend on keeping the Monster 659 beyond the initial license restriction. 

Since I haven’t ridden the Ducati yet (2012) I can’t comment any further. If you’re willing to spend this much also consider the Honda CB400 which I believe it best choice in the LAMS or learner rider class. I urge you to try the CB400 and you’ll understand why – I can’t image the Monster 659 to be any better.

Ducati Monster 659 (LAMS) Key Specifications
Engine:   L-Twin 2 cylinder 4-stroke 2 valve SOHC
Capacity:  659cc
Power/Torque:  38Kw @ 8,250 RPM 47Nm @ 7,500 RPM (Unrestricted)
Gearbox:   6 speed
Weight:  Approx 185Kg
Performance:  0-100kph 8 seconds Approx
Max Speed 160Kph Approx 
Fuel Economy:   15 litre fuel tank
Under 5 litres per 100km
Seat height:  770 mm
Dimensions:  Lxxxx x Wxxx x Hxxx x WB1450
 Recommended Retail Price:  2012 $12,990 or $13,990 (ABS)