Fitbit Alta HR vs Samsung Galaxy Fit Comparison Review

Fitbit Alta HR Vs Samsung Galaxy Fit
Fitbit Alta HR Vs Samsung Galaxy Fit

Welcome to the Fitbit Alta HR Vs Samsung Galaxy Fit comparison for November 2019 – just in time for Christmas. The answer to the question which is better, the Fitbit Alta HR or the Samsung Galaxy Fit is simple. The Galaxy Fit band is the better wearable to buy. But why?

Firstly, This comparison is with the full Galaxy Fit Band not the cheaper Galaxy Fit e version which are not related to the Gear Fit or Gear Fit2 etc… The Gear Fit’s are earlier models and attempts to create a ‘watch’. The Fitbit Alta HR is the version with a heart rate sensor on the back. It has been superseded by the more expensive Fitbit Inspire HR which is a re-bodied version of the same band. Also note that both work on the iPhone and visually all Android OS based phones not just Samsung.

Based on recommended selling price, both the Alta HR and the Galaxy Fit band are roughly the same. However with Christmas in a few weeks and the marketing for it’s replacement the Fitbit Inspire HR is in progress the Alta HR has dropped in price to around $90 for the large band and $130 for the small band version. Essentially you are paying more for having more petite wrist. Note that the Inspire HR costs $140. In comparison the Galaxy Fit Activity Tracker Band is selling for about $85 on sale at the same time usually priced around $150.

In terms of functionality comparison, the Alta HR has only the basics for tracking heart rate, calories and steps. The band is controlled by a supposedly simple tap but is annoying and mostly ineffective tap. As a result you are tapping your wrist like a mad person to scroll through to the information you require. Often due to the sensor or slow CPU, it detects too many taps and so you have to cycle through it all again. How difficult is it to get tap detection right?

The Galaxy Fit on the other hand has the same features and adds colour screen, better user interface, auto or manual exercise detection, complete txt, calendar and App notifications and more. The Galaxy Fit’s interface works and the only issue I have with it is that downward swipes need to be carefully swiped else it detects it as a left or right. The display is also bright, great screen and can display all the key stats on one screen.

How accurate is the Alta HR Vs Galaxy Fit? Both are probably just as accurate as each other. The Step counters are within 100 or so steps per day. Since I’m not going to manual count my daily steps I’m happy with either result. Heart rate measurements are pretty accurate with 1 or 2 off when wearing them on the same wrist. I take the data as a guide or approximate anyway although some expect 100% accuracy and I say to those people – do you really expect that in a device that costs in the $100 price range?

The Fitbit App is all you need to install and is self contained so the connection software and the App are the same. While the connection to the Alta HR is sluggish it is not stupidly slow as per the experience with the Fitbit Charge 3 which takes minutes before your clock face selection even decides to change. That said the health statistics on the Fitbit App are simple and informative. It works as well as any other Health App but not as well as Samsung’s Health App. The Fitbit App also has advertising on the dashboard screen like ‘TRY MINDFULNESS’ which is annoying and hypocritical. The Fitbit App also requires a PREMIUM subscription for a full health report and ‘health advice’ ! This costs $130 AUD per year or $15.99 AUD per month!  This is more expensive than Netflix, Disney Plus for example.

The Galaxy Fit needs Samsung’s Wearable App and the Samsung Fitness App to work. That said the Samsung Wearable App is simple to use and controls all the options of the band like Do not disturb, type of notification selection, watch faces, menu order and so forth. It is easy to use and the results are immediate. To see the data you need to use Samsung’s Health App which is better than the Fitbit version as Samsung avoids in app advertising and does NOT require a Premium subscription for it to work fully!

Fitbit Alta HR Vs Samsung Galaxy Fit Score (Summary)

Price for features
Alta HR = 2
Galaxy Fit =10

Health functionality/sensors
Alta HR = 5
Galaxy Fit = 8

Sensor accuracy
Alta HR = 8
Galaxy Fit = 8

User interface on band
Alta HR = 2
Galaxy Fit – 8

The Fitbit Phone App Vs Samsung Health
Alta HR = 1 (requires paid subscription that the others provide free)
Galaxy Fit – 10

The conclusion is simple, Fitbit Alta HR (and it’s replacement The Inspire HR) is too expensive and not worth it. The Samsung Galaxy Fit is much better value for money and more useful, definitely worth it. It’s one of the few times which I can say without a doubt to buy it!