How to calculate how much is costs to charge your electric vehicle

Not Windows a Calculator with a fancy skin
A calculator – obviously…

How much does it cost to charge your electric car or motorcycle? Or any electric vehicle that uses a battery as energy storage? or perhaps how to calculate how much it will cost to charge your electric car’s battery? 

First of all, I won’t write a thousand words which commercial sites and even Wikipedia seems to generate these days for this simple calculation which also means they don’t actually understand what they are writing or simply just trying to meet the search algorithms. 

It’s a simple question with a simple answer. To charge your battery at home, all you need is to look at your last electricity bill:

  • Find out where it says how much you are paying for 1Kw of power on the bill. 
  • Find out how much power your vehicle has used – the on board computer should tell you. Just ask it nicely. 
  • Note distance travel is not important in calculating how much you need to pay. 
  • Calculate: Cost for 1Kw * Kw your vehicle used. 

For example: Based on your last electricity bill your cost per Kw is .50 cents and your car used 30 Kw.

Hence a the calculation so .5 X 30 = $15

Now if you are using a charging station in 2023 rather than charging at home you will definitely be paying more. Pricing per KW is much like our current petrol stations where they can charge how much they want. However that is restricted by competition and the threat of government regulation of pricing. Since there are not enough charging stations in the country and that Australia is the muddy hole of the electric vehicles don’t expect reasonable pricing any time soon.