Microsoft Surface RT review – Bloggers dream machine

Despite having to exchange my original Surface RT and waited 3 weeks for a replacement  I still believe the Microsoft’s Surface tablet and Windows RT combination is a very good device. I hope that the one I initially bought was just a random defect!

The initial reviews for the Surface haven’t been exactly a selling point and I do agree with them conditionally. I too had software freezes and things that didn’t work properly until the first round of software patches and other fixes where released. Now that the software has been updated everything works as it should.

As posted before Windows RT is a web bloggers dream. The cut down Windows 8 operating system allows bloggers to access WordPress or Joomla or other customised blogging system in full. Just log in via your usual website and you can basically do everything as per a normal PC based web browser. Uploading and downloading pictures from you BLOG also works perfectly as well as all the plug-ins. It beats the very limited apps you need to BLOG on Android and any of the Apple iPad tablets. 

Any blogger who wants to buy a tablet to do their WordPress posts (as an example) quickly and correctly the Surface RT or any tablet with Windows RT will do the job perfectly. Many seemingly pro-bloggers do not post or omit this simple fact leads me to believe they have as they’ve probably been paid off by vested interests or worse still simply not good at their job.

The Surface RT may be a bit small to use as a daily PC but as a travel companion and for use as a tablet it works brilliantly. It is Internet Explorer 10 or the internet browser that is the key feature. Added to that the bundle of MS-Word, Excel and Powerpoint really leads the way as a capable tablet based portable office of blogger.

More next week!

Note that the Microsoft Surface RT is the model I bought but there are other manufactures. Windows RT is the name of the operating system which other manufacturers like ASUS, Samsung, Dell use as well.