No news so some analysis

Another week without any motorcycle or car topics I thought was worth pondering on so… my inspiration this week came from the rumours and posts on the rumoured Apple ‘iwatch’.

I really don’t think that Apple will release a watch or wearable this year or in the near future. The reasoning is simple and based on simple corporate history! Apple does not develop new products or new categories anymore it follows the market and hopes to improve on existing hardware technology and user interfaces. Of course there is the marketing side of Apple which is the biggest in the world and a cover for its deficiencies, after all its tech is not exactly leading edge. Furthermore as with most big corporates Apple it will buy companies that already make a product in the category rather than develop its own. Since there aren’t any struggling wearable tech companies so it won’t be this year. Of course unless the category takes off and there can be profits made from it.

The other thing I find fascinating about the electronic watch category is the complaints about size. While the current generation of watches are a little big they aren’t really that big when compared to ‘luxury’ and ‘prestige’ mechanical watches from say TAG, Rolex and so forth. As a result I can only resume that tech bloggers and regular journalists don’t own a decent traditional watch which implies they have no knowledge of fashion hence male and arguably youth or don’t get out much – take your pick since they missed the large gold watch ‘comeback’. I guess that’s why Apple does so well ‘educating’ the small minded.

Update December 2014: Apple is finally announced a smart watch but it not due to next year some time which indicates product planning is a little behind the industry leaders. It managed to advertise it’s brand at various fashion shows which is interesting because the Apple watch looks quite a block of chocolate. 1000 designers at Apple and this is all they can come up with? The Asus Zen watch, Moto360 and LG G watch R all look better and have features unlikely to make it to Apple for at least another two years! Anyway get ready for the marketing – to see what they can do with this one.