Piaggio 1 – Piaggio 1+ – Piaggio 1 Active – Electric scooter

Piaggio 1 - Piaggio One - Piaggio 1 Active - Piaggio 1+
Piaggio 1 (Electric Scooter)

Welcome to the Piaggio 1, Piaggio 1+ and Piaggio 1 Active specifications and showroom review for 2023. Another major motorcycle brand re-introducing a new electric or battery powered model is Piaggio, best known as the builder of the Vespa model range. The Piaggio 1 is the brand’s first electric scooter, released in 2021 but I didn’t cover it until now… The model however is quite different to the much higher profile BMW’s electric scooter release.

In terms of design the Piaggio 1 and its variants do not push any styling boundaries. They look like any scooter used for door to door delivery riders. The greatest marketing point is the of this scooter is that number of colour combinations you can choose from or customise. You will have to wait for the Vespa Electtrica version to be released in 2024 – at this stage – for something that looks more appealing. 

Mechanically the Piaggio 1, 1+ 1 Active or any other variant does not have any interesting features to set it apart from other scooters apart form the electric motor of course. Nonetheless for completeness of this review the Piaggio 1 series includes LED lights, digital instruments, keyless start, battery regeneration,  and removable battery because it would probably be stolen if you left it parked on the street for any length of time! 

The Piaggio 1, 1+ and Active models are still very niche market models. The niche they are targeting are youth and those who do not have a motorcycle license or old enough to have one and those living in cities or only need to travel very show distances. It’s a very euro centric model.  You would think that an electric pedal bicycle would be the direct competitor rather than a motorcycle or other electric scooter but lets face it bicycles are easier to steal, whereas a physically larger scooter is a little more difficult. Would I buy a Piaggio 1 ? The answer would be No despite pricing close to a electric bicycle – That said I would consider the Vespa Electtrica if the price was right. 

Piaggio 1 / Piaggio 1+ / Piaggio 1 Active Specifications (2023)
Engine: Single Electric motor
Capacity: N/A
Power/Torque: Approx 1.2 Kw or 2 Kw motor
Gearbox: CVT
Kerb Weight: 85-95 Kg
Performance: 0-100kph N/A seconds Approx
Max Speed 25 or 45 Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: 1.2 Kwh or 2.3Kwh battery
Up to 55-100Km range
Seat height: 770 mm
Dimensions: L1680 X W750 X H1080 mm
Wheels: xxx-xx-xxF xxx-xx-xxR
Recommended Retail Price: N/A