Price of petrol + Big Mac + Bank interest rate in Australia November 2023

priceofpetrolWelcome to 2024 and a post that got lost during the website transfer. As usua presenting my updated monthly report on key financial figures for Australia. I am doing this to keep historical notes through my life.  These figures reported are what I see at the various places and an aggregate. Note that I lost this particular post and others during the last site update so trying the last few posts. 

The price of petrol I paid during November 2023 averaged $1.80 – $2  based on my surviving receipt for unleaded 91 Octane. Add up to 15c for 95 or 25c for 98. I recall is was quite high until the end of the month. 

The price of diesel was around $2 the last time time looked and this the price does not fluctuate much compared to unleaded. Adblue was also priced at about $2 per litre.  

The price of a Big Mac in November 2023 averaged $6.60. The price for the burger alone does vary from store to store based on location! The medium sized meal deal which included fries and a drink costs $12.85 as per my monthly visit, but to one in the city this time and the Large meal deal was $13.65. It the large deal worth the difference? As always this is not the fixed price as McDonald’s has a very active app and promotional pricing schedule. 

The RBA – Reverse Bank of Australia the country’s central bank raised rates to 4.35%
The home loan interest rate range in November 2023 in Australia was : 5.5 – 7.5%
The saving interest rate range in November 2023 in Australia was : 0 – 5.5%
Note that the rates I saw came with conditions or short term promotion periods – very naughty. 

Note that fuel prices also vary according to area, the level of competition and a whole heap of other factors like shopping discounts, wars, world wide economics and so forth, however unreasonable high prices (relative to crude oil prices) is greed. Also note that the Octane level I post here represents Australian measurement which is different from those in other countries eg. US.

Apart from the actual prices I paid at the servo the websites I use to research the crude oil pricing are:

Australian Institute of Petroleum (Note that they AIP represents the oil companies.)
Index Mundi  (Seems independent)