Samsung Galaxy Fit Review

Fitbit Alta HR and Samsung Galaxy Fit
Fitbit Alta HR and Samsung Galaxy Fit

Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy Fit review. I’ve replaced the Fitbit Alta HR with a Samsung Galaxy Fit. Note that I bought the Galaxy Fit – full version and not the cheaper Galaxy Fit E model which is half the price. You probably guessed that this review was coming as I already revealed it’s existence in the Fitbit review last week. The Fitbit Alta HR worked as a basic monitoring device and it did not meet my requirements. My requirement was for a general purpose wearable, one that allows me to pair it with a regular watch, stated water resistance,App notifications, easy to use, lasted for at least 5 days.

The wristwatch is back in fashion and the latest trend. Specifically mechanical watches are back en-vogue everybody! But that is another story.

While it’s easy for me to write up a comparison between the two models, but it wouldn’t do justice to the Galaxy Fit. So I imagined that I bought it without ever  using the Fitbit Alta HR. So first of all the Galaxy Fit meets all my requirements for a fitness band. It has all the basic functionally and more. The most useful non fitness related function is the App notifications, so I see Emails, Txt, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and any other App including that use the phone’s notification function.  Yes, Facebook reminds me that I haven’t got it installed and the news Apps keeps me up to date with braking news.

The Galaxy Fit’s build quality is very good if not better than the competition, likewise the screen brightness and quality is amazing plus the the user interface is responsive and fast. The only issue I have is with the physical band, while it works well it’s just too fiddly to use quickly. Has it come off by it’s self? – No it is secure on your wrist if tightened correctly. Mind you since it can be used in the shower or swim you only need to take it off to charge and that’s once a week – on average. Anyone who says the strap doesn’t work is not following the instructions, has strange mutated wrists or simply never worn one in the the first place. That said a regular strap would have avoided that criticism. Furthermore, if Samsung offered a replacement, fashion designed bands would have been nice. Note that the Apple Watch band has a similar but more annoying design.

Using the Galaxy Fit is easy thanks to a single button and touch screen. While the side swipes are registered perfectly the up down swipes can be difficult as you really need to swipe straight down. Any shift sideways will be registered as either left of right. Nonetheless the tiny screen still shows so much health and notification detail it’s impressive.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit’s retail pricing was initially $169 AUD when released mid-2019 but has drifted down to $100-120 AUD price range on the internet. I cannot complain about the functionality tech Galaxy Fit offers as it is supposed to be a fitness focused wearable. Anything else is a bonus including different watch faces, dual time zones when overseas. I think the Galaxy Fit should have been marketed and designed as an accessory to a wristwatch. If all the current tech can be kept in the same size with a bigger screen, microphone and speaker the Galaxy Fit would be the holy grail for fitness bands.

 Samsung Galaxy Fit – Positives
It works well as a heart rate, step and distance counter.
Monitors other things like Stress, Calendar, Weather, Stop watch, Timer and Sleep.
Also has automatic dual time.
Has Music controller.
Has a battery life of about 6 days when worn (6 with minimal exercise – 4 days with daily exercise)
It’s lightweight and often forget your wearing it.
It is water proof enough for swimming and showers.
It has every App notification function you can think of.
Despite tiny screen it delivers readable messages.
Works with iPhone and Android OS phones.
Requires separate App to control the sync data and health app on a iPhone just like an Apple watch.
Reliable user interface.
Nice looking hi-res display.

Samsung Galaxy Fit – Negatives
Left and right swipes work perfectly, up and down swipes need to be precise.
The band design is unique but difficult to put on or take off.

Conclusion is simple. The Samsung Galaxy Fit is a value for money piece of kit and does work really well. It’s amazing what the additional of a fully function notification allows it eat the competition and stomps to them. I can easily say it’s the best small band health and fitness wearable on the market to date. However is the Galaxy Fit a suitable replacement for a larger smartwatch? No. The small screen and functionality is not good enough as a smart watch replacement in 2019. As a fitness band it’s excellent.