Microsoft Surface RT – Introduction

Hi Folks, Great news to report! I’m at the release in Las Vegas for Microsoft Surface RT tablet and can report the Windows 8 RT Web browser works with WordPress! That’s right no additional App or software required. You can definitely edit WordPress BLOGs in full as per any desktop web browser. In fact this post has been written on it – I’m impressed that someone has finally has done it!

Windows RT does support Flash videos and ads within the web browser and HTML5 websites as evidence by being able to work with WordPress websites in full. It has the same post and page editing functionality and even add images, full dashboard functionality and everything else as per your desktop browser. The Microsoft Surface tablet is a Bloggers dream come true! – so far.

I’m still playing around with Surface RT, which is reasonably easy to work out – so stay tuned for a more in depth Microsoft Surface review soon!

Note: The tablet is called the Microsoft Surface RT. It’s operating system is called Windows RT which is a cut down version of Windows 8.