Agricultural Motorbike

An example of a Farm motorbike

A category or class of motorbikes that is not often written about  is the ‘working motorcycle’ specifically those that are not scooters or city/suburb bias. This class used to be called the Agricultural motorbike now referred to as the Farm motorcycle class. I liken these motorbikes as the scooters of the farm.

These types of motorbikes have been specified for use on the farm, hence any model which you choose can be inferred as having attributes of being cost efficient to buy and serviceable, reliable or durable. Note that most of these motorbikes  are LAMS compatible but are not able to be road registered and legally ridden on public roads aka street legal. There are only 9 on the top 10 list as there are only nine of them and as usual I will be writing about them over the next few posts .

So what are the most popular motorbikes for farming use in Australia? based on data published by FCAI and VFACTS here is the list of the best selling and hence most popular Farm motorbikes in Australia for 2019 are:

  1. Honda XR190
  2. Suzuki Trojan
  3. Yamaha AG200
  4. Honda XR150L
  5. Yamaha AG125
  6. Kawasaki Stockman
  7. Suzuki TF125
  8. Honda CTX200
  9. Yamaha AG100
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