2010 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Vs 2010 BMW S1000RR

This page is a specification comparison between the Suzuki GSX-R1000 and the BMW S1000RR. The S1000RR is BMW’s first genuine supersports bike so it will be of historical note. Everything about the S1000RR has been designed to beat the existing Japanese domination of 1000cc super sports class and by the looks of things they have. The only thing that BMW needs to do now is to prove it on the race track.

Customers are smart these days and simply better specifications does not mean that it will be a better bike, best seller or indeed have the street cred. This will take time and BMW will no doubt hang in there and put more money in to make it a success!

Initially I assumed it would be designed using BMW’s weird but wonderful styling theme.  Unfortunately when I saw it in real life I don’t want one now, purely because it just looks very plain especially compared to other BMWs. A re-design would help it LOTS. The current 2010 range of BMW motorcycles look odd but there is something in those other designs that also make them cool eg. the GS and the naked R1300s (which I’d bee happy to own).

  2010 S1000RR 2010 GSX-R1000

Engine :
Displacement :
Starter :
Fuelling :
Frame :
Overall length :
Overall Width :
Height :
Wheel base :
Ground clearance :
Seat height :
Kerb weight : 
Fuel tank :
Gearbox : 
Exhaust : 
Power (Claimed) : 
Torque (Claimed) : 

IL4 Cyl DOHC 16V
999 cc
Electronic Fuel Injection
Aluminium Alloy
2056 mm
826 mm
1138 mm
1432 mm
130 mm
820 mm
204 kg
17.5 litres 
6 speed 
4 into 2 – 1
142Kw @ 13000rpm
112Nm @ 9750rpm 4-modes 
IL4 Cyl DOHC 16V
999 cc
Electronic Fuel Injection
Aluminium Alloy
2045 mm
720 mm
1130 mm
1405 mm
810 mm
205 kg
17.5 litres
6 speed 
4 into 2 – 1 – 2
142Kw @ 12500rpm
115Nm @ 10000rpm

Approx Pricing (AUD) 

 2010 – $22,990   2010 – $18,990

*Specifications always subject to change. You should check your country or region’s official website for the most up to date pricing, specifications and information.